Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sean Jones approaches the entrance to the white room. (C.J. Carter Photo)

Sometimes Those Who Wander Might Be Lost

There are times when things are not quite what they seem. Sometimes these "things" manifest themselves as mountain ranges encased in layers of freezing fog. With reports of both strengthening and widespread instability in regional snowpack , we took to the Northern Bridger mountain range for some snow study and lessons in orientation.

(C.J. Carter Photo)

(C.J. Carter Photo)

Ned Gall pulls into the ivory yonder. (C.J. Carter Photo)

(C.J. Carter Photo)

Sean Jones and Ned Gall navigate the choss bands. (C.J. Carter Photo)

Ned Gall exits the headwall unscathed. (C.J. Carter Photo)

(C.J. Carter Photo)

After 11 hours of snowmobile wrestling, snow pits, skin tracks, whiteout navigation and dried mango we returned to the Bridger Canyon Road, pensive, befuddled and a bit content. It became clear to me how much there is yet to learn in the hills and that some times North is really Southwest, you can enjoy Scottish winter conditions outside of Ben Nevis, and that even Polaris throttles need love and affection too.

Christopher J. Carter
February 2010

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